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Here is what our clients have to say:

Pat Panther

"My car always looks like new when I come to visit my daughter and family. That’s because Ray’s Automotive Detailing is right next door. It may seem strange that I come from TN to MD to have my car detailed but Ray does a great job!"

Matthew Aldrich
Area Representative

"My SUV is on the road 50K miles a year and it starts looking and feeling dirty fast. Because my vehicle is also my office, my dining room and my rec room, it has to be cleaned often for me and my clients. So, I take it
to Ray. He makes my vehicle look and smell like it just came off the show room floor! You can't go wrong with Ray's Automotive Detailing. It's a quality service at a quality price!"

Michelle Jakubiak

'I've never had my vehicle detailed before so I didn't quite know what to expect when Ray Lunn picked it up. I figured it would be clean upon the return, but I didn't realize HOW clean. It was also polished, the leather had been conditioned, the floors had been vacuumed - it even smelled great when I opened my door! Ray did an excellent job - so much that I've decided to get my car detailed every 6 months! Thanks Ray! '


Robert Gaffney
Owner, Pulse Health and Fitness Club
Sparks, MD

"Ray's Automotive Detailing is fantastic! Not only does Ray make your vehicle look good, but it also smells good - that "brand-new car smell" - only better. You can actually choose which fruity scent you want. Ray himself is a hard-working, considerate and dependable person. He is extremely good with details and goes beyond my expectations. We have never been disapointed and recommend Ray to our friends and colleagues. If time is of the essence, Ray is very accomodating - he will pick up your car at your home/work. Try it - you will be glad you did!"


Jay Irwin Block
Stahl and Block, LLC
Owings Mills, MD
All I can say is “wow”, I forgot what my car looked like under all of the grime. Carwashes would get rid of the superficial debris, inside and out, but never got into the nooks and crannies as you did. My Lincoln Aviator looked better when I got it back from you than it did when I drove it off the dealership’s lot.

The Porsche is next.


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